Information about our Undergraduate (UG) Applicant Portal


When will I receive my logins for the UG Applicant Portal?  


Once we receive your application from UCAS, we will send you two emails within the next 48 hours with your log-in details. The User ID and PIN number are sent out in two separate emails for security purposes and may not arrive at the same time. Please only contact us about missing login details once the 48 hours have elapsed and you have already checked your junk and spam folders.  


I have tried to log in with the details given to me but it still won’t let me in.  


  • Ensure that you are using your 9 digit User ID number that we sent to you (not your 10 digit UCAS personal ID). Your User ID should begin with 00.
  • Ensure that you are entering the number zero for 0 and not the letter.   
  • If you receive the following message “Your Web access has been disabled.” It means that the incorrect login details have been entered three times and the portal is now locked. You need to contact us so we can unlock it for you.


What documents do I need to upload? 


You do not need to upload any documents to us right now, except for a substitute personal statement should you need to send one, and a Subject Choice form if you are applying to Liberal Arts, Combined Honours, Natural Sciences or Modern Languages. 


If you receive an offer from us, your offer conditions will state what documents we require from you. The information that you provided to UCAS is used to assess your application, so we do not need you to send us anything at this stage.  


How do I submit a substitute personal statement?  


Once you receive our emails containing your log in details, you will be able to access the Undergraduate Applicant Portal and you can upload a substitute personal statement to replace your original UCAS one. 


  • On your home screen, click on the blue link stated ‘Upload Documents’
  • On the option that states ‘Document Uploaded for’, select whether you would like the substitute personal statement to be applied to a particular application or all of your Durham University applications if you have applied for more than one
  • Change ‘Document Type’ to ‘Substitute Personal Statement’
  • Click on ‘Choose File’ to select your file and then click the ‘Upload’ button. 


Do I need to fill out the Subject Choices form now? If so, what is the deadline? 


If you are applying to Liberal Arts, Combined Honours, Natural Sciences or Modern Languages you will be required to complete the Subject Choice form as soon as possible. This is to ensure that we assess your application with the correct information. Your application could be assessed at any time after we receive it, so we need this information from you. You will find this form in the UG Applicant Portal. 


I made a mistake on my Subject Choice form 


It is not possible to re-submit the form once it has been completed. If you need to make any changes to your choices, then please let us know by contacting us using the Ask Us web form, specifying exactly what you would like us to change or your new choices. 


How do I let you know my College preferences? 


Should you receive an offer from Durham University, you will be able to complete a College preference form on your applicant portal. Completing this form will override your College preference that you selected on your UCAS application.   


Can I delete my uploaded documents? 


It is not possible for you to delete anything you have already uploaded to us. There are also limits to how many files of each type we can receive, so please only upload documents that we ask for.  


I need to replace a previously uploaded document with a newer or updated version 


If you need to send an amended or updated document, please just upload it and make sure that you specify in the filename that it is an updated version. The Admissions Team will endeavour to use the latest version of a file when processing your application. 


I have lost/forgotten my User ID or PIN details 


If you have previously been sent your log in details, but no longer have them, then please contact us and we can send you a reminder. Do not use the ‘Forgot Pin’ button on the portal as this will not work for new applicants. Please be aware that due to security reasons, we can only send log in detail reminders to the email address that you used in your UCAS application.