This year our already competitive Economics programme has become even more competitive and we are unfortunately unable to offer places to hundreds of highly qualified students with grade profiles that exceed our entry requirements. We consider the whole of the application, including the personal statement and reference and individual circumstances, as well as prior and predicted achievement. As such, our decision is no reflection on the strength of the applications that did not receive an offer, they are strong applications, but unfortunately, we will have received applications which are slightly stronger.

What has changed this year?

Economics is always a high demand subject but a few changes have made competition for offers even more intense this year.  These are:

  • We have received more applications than in previous years;
  • We are diversifying our intake and this has meant changes to the target student numbers in all departments.  In Economics, the number of available places on the programme this year has decreased;
  • More students than ever are accepting their place on our Economics programme and meeting the grades of their offer.  This means that we need to make fewer offers to meet our target student number;
  • The quality of applications is very high, with applicants not just meeting our grade requirements but significantly exceeding them.  Therefore, being predicted to achieve or exceed the grades required is not a guarantee of an offer.

We are basing our decisions on an assessment of academic merit and potential.  In order to further differentiate between applications, we are focusing on a range of information, including the personal statement and reference. In particular, we are looking for evidence our applicants can think critically about the academic subject and show originality in their approach.

It is important to remember that the University’s entry requirements are usually an indication of the minimum standard required to be considered for the course; they are not a guarantee that an offer can be made.  All applications received are in competition with each other for places so in a strong field, where strong applications far outnumber the available offers, some very strong applications will be unsuccessful.  The only reason for that is that other applications were deemed stronger by our admissions selector on this occasion. In a different year, with a different set of applicants, our decision may well have been different too.

If this applies to you and you have received an unsuccessful decision, we are very sorry that we were not able to make you an offer and appreciate that you will be disappointed.  We know that you will receive offers from other very good universities, who will have made decisions based on their own criteria and the other applications they have received and so we wish you the best of luck for your future studies.  If you wish to receive specific feedback from us on your application, this can be requested here.