Do I need to pay an application fee?

A £60 application fee is required only for Business School master’s programmes (MESM, Management, Marketing, Finance, Accounting, Economics and Business Analytics). You don’t need to pay it for MBA or any part-time MA programmes. You do not need to make the payment until after you have submitted your application to us. 
How can I make the payment?

  • Once we receive your online application form, you’ll get an automatic email and action request notification on your Applicant Portal within 48 hours asking you to pay the application fee which is required to progress your application.
  • You’ll need to follow the link in your email to the Online Application Fee Payment Page where you can confirm your details and make the payment using a debit or credit card.
  • This is a secure website operated by Secpay, which will send you an automatic receipt of payment.
  • Once we receive confirmation that your application fee has been paid, we’ll be able to progress your application.  

If you do not pay the application fee within 4 weeks of receiving this request your application will be automatically withdrawn. Please note that application fees are non-refundable. 
Having problems making the payment?
  • If you haven't been sent a link to pay your application fee yet, you might be trying too early. It is not possible to pay your application fee on the same day you submitted your application. You must wait until you receive the link from us.
  • Try typing your Banner ID and email address into the payment form instead of copying and pasting.
  • If you have multiple applications, please check whether your applications are within the same suite. As students are only allowed to apply to one programme within the specific suite, the system will not allow you to pay for another one. For example, you can apply to MSc Management and MSc Finance, but you can’t apply to MSc Management and MSc Management (Finance) at the same time.
  • If you still have difficulties in making the payment, please email or telephone +44 (0)191 334 6292 You will be contacted by the Finance Team shortly after that. 
Can I have the application fee waived? 
The application fee can only be waived if you have let us know in your application that you've applied for one of the following scholarships:
  • Chevening Scholarships  
  • Commonwealth Shared Scholarships  
  • Commonwealth Scholarships 
  • Durham Palestine Educational Trust  
  • Ruth First Scholarships  
  • Said Foundation Scholarship  
  • Fulbright 
  • Colfuturo 
  • Marshall 
  • Hatfield Lioness Postgraduate Scholarship

If this is the case, then the fee should automatically be waived, however if you still receive a reminder to pay the fee and you have applied for one of the above scholarships, please get in touch with us at Ask Us - Durham University.