As you may be aware, there are two days of rail strikes planned on the 15th and 17th of September 2022, which will obviously have a large impact on both of our Open Day events. 


Our advice to visitors who will be driving is to use the Council Park & Rides or Car Parks. 


Council Car Parks 


  • Belmont Park & Ride: DH1 1SR – 547 spaces 

  • Sniperley Park & Ride: DH1 5RA – 330 spaces 

  • The Gates (DH1 4SJ) – 470 spaces  

  • Prince Bishop’s Shopping Centre (DH1 3UJ) – 400 spaces  

  • Sidegate (DH1 5SY) – 107 spaces  

  • The Sands, Multi-storey (DH1 1SL) – 277 spaces  


Car parking in Durham is free after 2:00pm so visitors will not get charged after this time.