We aim to select applicants who we think will benefit most from the unique experience Durham offers and can contribute most to university life, irrespective of their background.

Each department’s entry criteria is decided and set by an admissions specialist academic from that Department.

Our UG Admissions Administrators are each assigned two or three Departments for which they build up an extensive knowledge and good working relationship with their assigned Departments. This close relationship allows for any anomalies or issues that arise to be managed in conjunction with the Academic Department.

Each application is considered by a UG Admissions Administrator specialised in the Department to which the applicant has applied. The UG Admissions Administrator will apply the Department’s entry criteria.

Our Departments look for different things from our applicants, so depending on the Department, we would consider and rank applications based, holistically, on the criteria below:

  • A-Level (or equivalent) grades
  • GCSE (or equivalent) grades
  • the personal statement
  • the reference
  • the development of study skills
  • motivation for the degree programme applied for
  • independence of thought and working
  • skills derived from non-academic extra-curricular activities such as engagement in sport, the arts or voluntary and community work
  • contextual consideration of merit and potential.

We give equal consideration to all applications received by the 15th Jan UCAS deadline, which is why people often have to wait a long period of time to get a decision. This means, particularly with our most competitive course, we can only give earlier decisions to applicants who are outstanding in context of all of the areas above.

All decisions on applications received by 15th Jan will be made by the end of March, which is the UCAS deadline. There are some exceptions to this, for example, if an applicant has been flagged for having similarity in their personal statement or the application has missing information. We would always be in touch about this if an applicant is in this position.

Some additional information you might want to know: The Government has instructed Russell Group universities that they need to work towards an LPN 5 to 1 ratio of 3:1. Universities could lose their status as a university if they are not seen to be working towards this target. For more information on this, you can read out Access and Participation plan here.

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