You may be able to drop an A Level subject if you are studying more than three A Levels (or equivalent) if you can still meet the conditions of your offer. For example, if you offer requires you to achieve A*AA including Maths and Physics then to drop one of the subjects would cause you to not meet the conditions of your offer. If, however, you dropped an A Level that is not specifically mentioned in your offer, or your offer was to achieve A*AA on any of the subjects you are studying, then you would be able to drop a fourth A Level without jeopardising your offer.

While an Extended Project Qualification is considered in your application, you may drop an EPQ with no impact to your offer. Durham does not make offers based on an EPQ nor is an EPQ ever part of the entry requirements for any subjects offered here. However, we do encourage students to continue with their EPQ if it is relevant to your future studies and can be helpful in preparing you for your studies at Durham.

Taking a fourth A Level or an EPQ will not necessarily give a student an advantage over another student as we seek to take a holistic approach in considering your application for study.