We have 17 Colleges at Durham University, and each of them is unique in its own way. 

The allocation process is different for undergraduate and postgraduate applicants. Find out more about the processes below: 


Undergraduate applicants will have the opportunity to express a college preference when they apply through UCAS (note: you don't have to express a preference if you don't want to).

If an applicant receives an offer from us, they will be invited to rank their college preferences in the Undergraduate Applicant Portal. Your college preferences are considered as part of the allocation process. We do our best to try and allocate you a place in your preferred college, although this cannot be guaranteed. For details on how we allocate students to colleges refer to our undergraduate allocation process.

Offer-holders should expect to receive their provisional college allocation in May


Postgraduate applicants should apply to the university through our online portal. Applicants will be contacted by the Accommodation and Allocations Office in April, and will have the opportunity to rank up to three colleges for membership.  We cannot guarantee that you will get one of your preferred colleges but we do seek to maximise the number of students who get allocated to one of their preferred colleges.

For more information on the postgraduate college process please click here.