We believe that education can be of enormous help in the rehabilitation of those with previous convictions.  In the past, the University has helped past offenders to gain qualifications that have enabled them to secure jobs, provide for their families and rebuild their lives.  So if you have a criminal conviction in the past, this is not a bar to studying at Durham.  We do not take account of any previous convictions when making admissions decisions and do not ask you to provide information relating to criminal convictions when you make your application. 

If you do receive an offer from us, we will then explore with you, what, if any, measures are needed to help you to undertake your studies at Durham University.  In most cases, the nature of your offence will not require any adjustments but if it does, these will be discussed with you directly before you arrive. 

You do not need to discuss your circumstances with us prior to making an application or during the decision-making process, but if you would like to, then our team would be happy to talk to you in confidence.  You can contact us via our online webform, which you can find here.