There are a number of application statuses that you might see within the Postgraduate Portal, please see our explanations below. 

Application in Progress: You haven't yet submitted the application/your application is a draft.

Application Received: Your application has been submitted, and received by the university.

Conditional Offer Issued: We have sent you an offer, but there are still things you need to do before your place can be confirmed. For example, you may need to complete your degree or an English Language test.

Unconditional Offer Issued: We have sent you an offer and there are no conditions attached to the offer. If you accept the offer and pay your deposit (if applicable), your place will be confirmed.

Conditional Offer Accepted: We have sent you a conditional offer and you have accepted it. The conditions of your offer will be stated in the Portal and your offer letter. Once you meet the conditions, your offer will be changed to Unconditional.

Unconditional Offer Accepted: We have sent you an unconditional offer and you have accepted it.

Unsuccessful Decision: Your application has been assessed and you have not been made an offer or a conditional offer was given and the conditions have not been met.

Further Information Required: We have sent you a message via an action request in your applicant portal asking for additional information to support your application.

Admissions Record Finalised: You are ready to enrol and register for your chosen programme

Application Deferred: Your application has been deferred and will be reconsidered when the next admissions cycle opens

Applicant Decline: You have declined your offer

Change Requested: You have requested a change of programme

Applicant No Response: Record Closed: You have not responded to us and we have therefore closed your application

Application Fee Not Received: Application Closed: You have not paid the application fee and we have therefore closed your application (please note only Business School MSc programmes require an application fee)