We are looking for applicants who are interested in studying more than one subject throughout their three or four years of undergraduate study. We expect the personal statement to reflect this interest and talk in detail about more than one subject (what excites you about studying the subjects you want to study as part of your Natural Sciences degree?). If an interest is only expressed in a single subject, then such applicants will be less likely to receive an offer.

We also expect the personal statement to cover outside interests such as hobbies or sports or services to the community. In this respect, the University has some general advice on how to write your personal statement. A rule of thumb is to have an 80:20 ratio- 80% of the statement being focused on the subject and your interest in it and 20% being focused on other areas.

If your application to study the Natural Sciences degree at Durham is fundamentally different to other degrees that you are applying for through UCAS you may be interested in submitting an substitute personal statement directly to Durham.

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