If you are taking a B.Sc. Natural Sciences degree, then at least half your modules over the three years need to be taken from the Faculty of Science, that is from Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Earth Sciences, Mathematics, Physics and Psychology. These are known as the Group 1 subjects. The Group 2 subjects are those which contribute to Joint Honours degrees within Natural Sciences and these subjects are Anthropology, Business, Economics, Geography and Philosophy. The Group 3 subjects are other subjects: Education and Sport. Note

  • It is not possible to take any modules from elsewhere, e.g. Sociology/English/Music/etc.
  • Any modules taken from subjects in Groups 2 and 3 cannot amount to more than half the total number of modules taken over the three years of study.
  • If modules are taken from Group 3, then this needs to be at least 1/3 of the study each year

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