If you are an overseas applicant, then you should look into Durham University International Study Centre and the Foundation Pathways on offer as an option available to you. If you are a UK or EU student, please read on!

We offer a range of courses with a Foundation Year (or "Year 0") at the beginning, that are available to UK and EU students. In short, our Foundation Centre welcomes applications from:

  • Mature learners (over 21) with no formal qualifications*
  • Mature learners (over 21) with A levels (or equivalents) which were obtained over three years ago
  • Young learners (under 21) with adverse circumstances which could not be mitigated by their academic provider (evidence will be required)
  • Young learners (18 to 21) who have not engaged in post-16 education
  • Learners with strong A level (or equivalent) results in subjects that are not suitable for their chosen degree subject (Conversion students)
  • EU learners who have not had the opportunity in their home country to study qualifications suitable for direct entry to their chosen degree course at Durham University
  • Native English speakers (from UKVI approved countries)
  • Non-native English speakers with evidence of suitable English language proficiency

If you think you may be eligible for a Foundation Year, please complete the Foundation Centre's Eligibility Form and a member of their team will be back in touch with you.

Need to get in touch with the Foundation Centre? Ask them here