Study abroad as part of your course:

Many of our courses include a year abroad as an optional part of their structure. Find out if the course(s) that interest you have this option. Usually a year abroad is taken between years 2 and 3. Read our student blogs to hear our students’ stories!

Overseas Exchange programmes
All students can apply for the opportunity to spend a year studying or working abroad at one of our European Erasmus+ partner institutions or one of our overseas exchange partners. If you choose to do this you can take an additional year between years 2 and 3, or if you are studying certain 4 year courses you can replace the usual year 3 with a year abroad.

Erasmus+ Exchange scheme
Erasmus+ enables students to study or undertake a work placement elsewhere in Europe.

Summer School Opportunities are offered by our partner institutions if you are considering a shorter trip. Most Summer Schools are delivered in English however there are a number of courses where you can study in a foreign language. The International Office will provide guidance where possible, but the onus is on the student to complete the application. All fees and costs are payable by you to the partner university directly.

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