As a Durham student you'll find a wide support network available to you while studying at the University we are committed to providing a safe environment in which our students can live and study.

Durham has something to offer for everyone. At Britain's number one team sport university, you have the opportunity to engage in sport at the highest level alongside your studies. The elite athletes performance programme for example provides tailored support to help those with serious ambitions realise their true potential.Durham's unique collegiate structure, offers opportunities for students to participate in 18 sports across 700 different teams, on a weekly basis, making it the largest intra-mural sports programme in Britain. This not only helps to keep you active and healthy, it provides social opportunities and a sense of belonging that can be particularly important in the early days when you are settling in at University.

Students have endless opportunities to get involved with volunteering activities both within their colleges and at a wider University level.

There are so many opportunities to engage with and enjoy all kinds of music as a student at Durham University. The University boasts a year-round musical programme, catering for every taste, with concerts organised and performed by students. As you might expect, the sheer wealth of musical talent at the University means there is something for everyone - from Chamber Choir to Light Opera, Big Band to Orchestra, Rock to the DJing Society. Many of our colleges have their own choirs, bands, orchestras and music societies.

Durham has one of the most exciting student theatre scenes in the country, with over 80 productions annually and 26 active theatre companies. Our main organisation for theatre is Durham Student Theatre (DST). DST is brimming with creative, like-minded individuals who come together to perform a diverse range of shows.