In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, tuition fee deposit refunds for PGT programmes will be agreed in the following circumstances:

  1. Academic entry qualifications (excluding English Language proficiency tests) not awarded due to Covid-19 (evidence required from university or awarding body)[1] in the absence of suitable alternative qualifications being accepted;
  2. Financial hardship related directly or indirectly to Covid-19 pandemic, including unexpected redundancy, withdrawal of sponsorship/loans/funding, owned or part-owned business going into liquidation, debts, homelessness, etc;
  3. Cancellation of all flights to the UK from home country or a ban on flights from home country travelling to the UK (direct or with change)  (evidence required)[2];
  4. Severe ill health of student, close relative and/or dependent (evidence required) which results in the student being unable to travel, apply for a visa or sit entry qualifications[3];
  5. Lockdown restrictions in force that prevent travel[2];
  6. Government advice (applicant’s home country) strongly discourages or bans travel to the UK)[2];
  7. Government advice (UK only) strongly discourages or bans travel into the UK)[2];
  8. Changes to the University’s academic year or mode of delivery impacts on availability of funding or specific futures plans, such as meeting professional requirements (evidence required)[4].


[1] English Language proficiency tests are excluded as alternatives (i.e. Password) are now available.
[2] Can only be claimed within 4 weeks of start of term.
[3] This does not need to be related to Covid-19 and can apply to other serious conditions.
[4] May only be claimed when plans for the academic year 2021/22 are finalised and published.