We want to ensure that our colleges have a really good mix of students studying different subjects. This helps make them the special places that they are. Therefore, a college application forms part of your broader offer and is something we would only review in exceptional circumstances.

We truly believe that your college experience is a huge part of what makes Durham different. Whilst they all have their own character, every college will offer you the same opportunities for belonging, development and fun. It should not affect your university experience, wherever you have been allocated.

We aim to assign applicants to a college based their preferences where possible, whilst taking into account the balance of academic subjects in each college. You can find out more about how the allocation process works here

We know that you might have particular living requirements, such as a medical concern, or health or dietary needs. In that case, the first thing to do is get in touch with your allocated college. All of our colleges are experts in looking after students and making sure everyone has what they need to live safely, comfortably and happily. They should be able to reassure you that they can meet your needs.

On the very rare occasion that your allocated college can’t meet your needs, we are able to assign you to another college. You can see more information here: College transfer requests.